September 30, 2010

fashion: illustration

i love these drawings by david downtown a fashion illustrator from the UK. they are so simple and sensual yet so powerful. if i only looked this amazing in a drawing...

photos via {smoked banana}  

September 12, 2010

topsy: turvy

how amazing are these couture hats that are designed and hand-made by topsy turvy!
k. brown-dye is an amazing and creative costumier & millinir. they are sexy, fun and just make you want to play dress up...

July 26, 2010

marc + brigitte

ok...i'm really excited to be back with some great news! there is a new marc by marc resort 2011 bag named after my sister...brigitte! yes, it is actually named after her {she works for the fabulous company in nyc} and i'm so freaking jealous! definitely need to get my hands on one...

May 18, 2010

couture: bridal! definitely in full-fledged wedding mode and just love these couture bridal designs by ekta solanki. the designs from her 2010 bridal collection is unlike anything seen here in the western culture. they are gorgeous, sexy and you've got to love the color...

May 05, 2010

black: gold

ok now...seriously, these are gorgeous! i just got back from my amazing black and gold themed bachelorette party in chicago - hosted by my sister brigitte and my best friends amy and kerry{unexpected delights} - and these immediately caught my eye. i love the styling of the jewelry and the hair! edgy and glamorous...
the designs are from the fall 2010 collection of indian born naeem khan whose hand embroidered dresses, gowns and separates just melt on women...

April 22, 2010

happy: earth day

happy earth day! i have not posted anything in a while and as i sit here about to leave for my bachelorette party and wedding shower in chicago, i came across these fabulous dresses online. showcases at greenshows during new york fashion week, one dress was made from 30 new york times newspapers and another laundry bags. check out the rest...

designed by gary harvey via msn

March 30, 2010

sexy: food

how interesting is this? the deli garage in germany has created a new way to glamorize your food...cookies, fruit, veggies, baked good, you name it! it's called esslack and it comes in silver and gold. i just wonder how it tastes...

March 13, 2010

it's: t-time

how amazing is my sisters roomate who designed alexander wang's new poster marketing campaign seen on the streets of nyc. photographed by dan jackson, it features model hannah holman in wang's new spring "t" collection. amazing what you can do on your personal computer from the comfort of your 2x2 nyc apartment. so fabulous...
photo: {fashionologie}

February 18, 2010

stylish: hunger

fast food and fashion? really, am i supposed to be skinny or not. love it though. makes me hungry...

February 14, 2010

hearts: love

happy valentines day!

photo unknown

February 05, 2010

quick: swim

i can't believe it's all ready february and i have not posted anything since the new year! i have just been swamped with my new job, new business and planning my wedding, which happens to be in 5 months! this picture just spoke to the way i have been feeling the past few weeks. i'm definitely going to get back to posting, because it really does give me a chance to escape the craziness in my life. thank god i can swim...
photo via {here}

January 01, 2010

fabulous: new years

wishing everyone a fabulous 2010. cheers!...
photo: {1} j.crew photo shoot {2} william waldron
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